One man with an important vision

Our founder, Michael Lloyd Bellas, is a man with a mission:  to rebuild America’s manufacturing base and to help create additional manufacturing jobs nationwide. As expressed by Mr. Bellas himself,

“AMA’s goal is to rebuild the American manufacturers’ base and bring back employment to Americans. To keep the money here, commerce must be inclusive to the American manufacturer.

When Americans buy American-made products all revenue stays in the USA. This will start the curve of balancing the imports and increasing our exports. The trade deficit will start reversing, which is the only way to create lasting employment.

When Americans are working, the net result is all profit and trade with other nations will be more competitive. That is good for the American consumer. The possibilities are enormous… and we will be doing something worthwhile for our nation.”

Michael Lloyd Bellas

Chairman & CEO
American Manufacturers Association


Michael Lloyd Bellas, was born in New York City and has had a long and distinguished career as a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

His early career focused on sales and marketing, beginning as a Salesman and Sales Supervisor for American Photo Copy, and as a New York City Branch Manager for Saxon Industries Inc., where Mr. Bellas trained the sales force and managed office, service and marketing, personnel. In addition, Mr. Bellas served as a Real Estate Adviser to Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co.

Mr. Bellas has firsthand experience as a small manufacturer of office equipment, custom Identification cards, photo credit cards and driver’s licenses.

He was a Regional Sales Manager for Advant Corporation and also worked directly with the General Electric Corporation investments division, where he was called upon for updates on sales and other information regarding the company’s financial future. 

From 1970 to the present, Mr. Bellas has been the Founder and CEO of Colonial Village Corporation Home Builders and Developers who have constructed over 3,000 single family homes on Long Island, New York. As a home builder offering the “American Dream” for first time buyers, Mr. Bellas has always over delivered, affording these buyers the opportunity at consummate value at affordable pricing. For instance, in the lower priced homes he was one of the first on Long Island to offer Anderson Windows, Master Bedrooms with walk in closets and more. Mr. Bellas also places extreme importance on protecting the nature environment by leaving as much woodlands as possible and protecting the natural woodlands by establishing covenants and restrictions in perpetuity in every deed.

Colonial Village merged with West Lane Homes in 1978. In 2006, Mr. Bellas founded Bellas LLC. Land Management, which is a residential leased properties company.

Over the past several years, Mr. Bellas has continued his entrepreneurial endeavors by founding Bellas Enterprises LLC (2010); Bellas Management LLC (2012); the American Manufacturers Association, Inc.(2012) and American Manufacturers Mall, Inc.(2012).

Mr. Bellas is a dedicated philanthropist, serving on the Board of Long Island Head Start, where he chaired the Finance and Facilities Committees for eight years. He also serves as an advisor to Long Island Youth Guidance. In 2012, Mr. Bellas created The Bellas Trust, a non-profit organization to assist returning service men and women re-enter the civilian workforce by starting their own businesses, through grants and business training and professional development services.

His other board service includes serving on the Board of Directors the Suffolk County Builders Association. He was also a member of the National Homes Builders Association.