Summer Fun with Products Made in the USA

Summer Fun with Products Made in the USA

June 10, 2016 | Made In The U.S.A.

Summer is finally here. It’s time to head outside and enjoy the sunshine. Whether you are headed to the pool, beach or playground, we’ve found some great ‘Made in the USA’ products you will definitely want to check out this season.


Invented by a kite lover, fly fisherman, and MIT-trained engineer, the Castakite makes kite-flying safer, easier and more fun. Hold the iBeam Rod up and push the altitude trigger to give your launch a lift. Once your kite is soaring, the reel will manage the line for you. Includes a 29" kite and 150' of high-quality kite string.

Zoe B Organic Fantastic Beach Toys

Designed by a mom and made in Pennsylvania, these amazing beach toys are actually biodegradable. We have all watched as our favorite beach bucket floats away into the ocean. These pails, shovels and buckets will break down in 2-3 years if they get swept away by a wave. This 5 piece set includes a bucket, sifter/lid, shovel and 2 cups. Kids will love the bright colors and moms will rest easy knowing their kids are playing with non-toxic, made in the USA beach toys.

Little Tikes Hide & Seek Climber

Moms and kids everywhere know the Little Tikes brand name. It is fantastic to see that the company has an entire section of Made in America products. This combination slide/playhouse comes with a climbing rock-wall designed for beginners and an adventurous tunnel that kids love to crawl through and hide in. It is just the right size for toddlers and is a great way to build coordination and balance. Check out this fun toy, as well as the entire selection of Made in the USA toys on the Little Tikes website.

Lazy Bunz

This water-based lifestyle brand is based in Florida and offers a line of unique water floats, floating water bars and towels. These made in the USA products are great for the pool or lake. The perfect end-of-school gift for the student in your life, Lazy Bunz water floats are a unique and fun way to relax and catch some rays. The Lazy Bunz website lists all of their products.


This line of boys and men’s anti chafe swimwear not only prevents the uncomfortable chafing caused by wearing a wet swimsuit, it also boasts UPF 50+ sun protection and is made in Brooklyn, NY. Designed by a group of women who were tired of dealing with the rashes that their husbands and sons dealt with after wearing their board shorts and bathing suits at the beach, this innovative solution provides a fashionable solution to the problem. Order a pair for the man in your life on the NoNetz website.

Puddle Jumper by Stears

A safe and comfortable alternative to a traditional zip-up life vest, the Puddle Jumper life jacket does not ride up around a child’s neck. With a cute design on the front and a buckle snap in the back, kids feel comfortable wearing this Made in the USA product. A must-have for young children who will be near pools, oceans and lakes this summer, the Puddle Jumper fits children weighing 30-50 pounds.

Anywhere Chair

With an extensive line of beach chairs, umbrellas, cabanas and beach bags, the Anywhere Chair brand has everything you need for a day at the beach. Their entire line of products are 100% made in America from high quality materials including white oak, brass and marine grade fabrics. These chairs make a great gift, and can be personalized with a name or logo. You can view their full online catalog on the Anywhere Chair website.

Blue Sky Swimwear

A member of the “Made in USA Foundation”, Blue Sky Swimwear is committed to producing high-quality, American made women’s swimwear. Their bathing suits, cover ups and tennis outfits come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are designed to flatter all shapes and sizes. The company uses only sustainable fabrics and aspires to become a leader in eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

By buying from businesses that proudly display the ‘Made in USA’ stamp, you are supporting American manufacturing, as well as our economy. Enjoy your summer and God Bless America!