6 Most Haunted Businesses In America

6 Most Haunted Businesses In America

October 13, 2016 | American History

Ghosts don’t just roam houses. Among the list of haunted places are colleges, hospitals, theaters, prisons and even businesses. Paranormal occurrences can be found in every state.

While businesses may not necessarily promote their hauntings, there are a number of them across the United States that have documented evidence of paranormal activity. Employees have many stories, but several have also called in professional ghost hunting teams to document. Many on the list have been featured on shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

Moon River Brewing Company

Some of the best evidence was found at the Moon River Brewing Company, 21 W. Bay St., Savannah, Ga. The building was built in 1821 as the City Hotel. The hotel closed in 1864 upon the arrival of Union soldiers into the city during the March to the Sea in the Civil War.

The building served a number of uses until in closed in 1979 after suffering damage from Hurricane David. It opened in 1995 as Oglethorpe Brewing Co. and became Moon River Brewing Company in 1999.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) got video of a shadow figure running behind the bar while filming Ghost Hunters, as well as orbs. Guests and employees also make claims of activity such as apparitions and poltergeist activity. It is a part of the city's ghost tours.

Casablanca Inn

St. Augustine, Fla., is well known for hauntings and the Casablanca Inn, 24 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, is well documented for activity. The Greek Revival Inn, built in 1914, was once called Matanzas Hotel as it overlooks Matanzas Bar. It then became a boarding house then the owner reinvented it as an inn.

As the story goes, the cash-strapped female entrepreneur looked to alcohol bootleggers to survive. She would warn them of federal agents by waving lanterns in an upstairs window. Even though she is long passed, people report seeing the swinging lanterns upstairs. There is also wispy figures on the property, along with sounds of footsteps, conversations and children’s voices.

The Butterworth Building

The Butterworth Building, 1921 First Ave., Seattle, is now Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub, but it was built as the Butterworth & Sons Mortuary in 1903. It is a part of the Pikes Place Public Market Historic District. There are seven documented paranormal claims about this building, including apparitions, footsteps and mirrors shattering without a logical reason.

Sloss Furnaces

Sloss Furnances, 20 32nd St. North, Birmingham, Ala. is on the list of National Historic Landmarks. It is a local treasure as it produced iron for more than 90 years, contributing greatly to the city’s wealth. Sloss opened as a blast furnace in 1882 and closed in 1971. It is the only blast furnace in the country that has been restored and opened to the public. It was designated as a national landmark in 1981.

Those visiting the site claim to hear voices and other sounds of a working furnace. The claims are the voices stem from workers who died there.

Remington Arms Factory

Ongoing tragedy could be one of the reasons for the numerous paranormal occurrences at the Remington Arms Factory, 812 Barnum Ave., Bridgeport, Ct. This location is spooky enough because of the extremely blighted and dangerous neighborhood surrounding it. However, it’s rich history of accidents and fatalities lend itself to the paranormal that include voices, working sounds and shadow figures.

The building opened in 1867 as the Union Metallic Cartridge Company and was later purchased by Remington Arms. Remington expedited a major expansion in 1915 to include 73-acres of manufacturing, employing 17,000 workers. A deadly explosion occurred in 1942, killing seven and wounding 80. The factory closed in 1988 after manufacturing was completely moved to Arkansas.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Those seeking some western flair in their ghost hunting should go to Bobby Mackey’s Music World, 44 Licking Pike, Wilder, Ky. Hauntings at this music bar are so pervasive the ownership opens it up to ghost tours and ghost-hunting sessions.

The building dates back to the late 1800's and has two events associated with hauntings. A headless female body was found nearby in 1897. Her two killers were captured and executed. Before their deaths, they proclaimed they would haunt the area and are believed to haunt the well room. The other ghost is said to be of a saloon girl who committed suicide after her father killed the man she loved.

So, those looking for a paranormal adventure can look to American businesses to offer plenty, especially in these older, historic cities.