Help returning American Heroes re-enter the workforce

Unfortunately, our volunteer military sometimes struggles to find employment after they return from active duty. What could be a greater gift than giving back to those who have risked their lives and served their country with honor.

The American Manufacturers Association has a strong commitment to “doing well and doing good”  — especially for those brave men and women in our armed forces. In order to servce those who has served us, Mr. Bellas has formed The Bellas Foundation For American Heroes, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Its mission is to assist returning service men and women re-enter the civilian workforce in starting their own businesses, through grants and business training and professional development services. A portion of revenue (to be determined) from the American Manufacturers Mall will go into the Foundation.

support our cause and make a donation

As a member, a portion of your membership fees will be dontated to The Bellas Foundation For American Heroes, but what if you’re not a member and still want to help?

We are happy to accept your tax deductable donation which will be used to help returning veterans with finding work, starting a new business, or receive training.

On behalf of the Foundation, Mr. Bellas, and all of our members, thank you for your generousity and support.

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